Advice for the future

If you are committed to a career in the health care field, we will help provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for a leadership role within a health care organization. Your academic and career goals are important to our faculty. The MHA faculty serve as academic advisors, and the department recommends that you meet with your academic advisor at least once a semester to ensure that you are meeting both departmental and University requirements.

For more information on advising, please contact Dr. Michael Merrigan at or call 417-836-3092.

Hospitals and clinics are not only medical institutions, they are also social and business enterprises, sometimes very large ones. It is important, therefore, that they be directed by administrators who are trained for their responsibilities and can understand and integrate the various professional economic, and social factors involved. Definite opportunities should be provided in universities or in institutes of hospital administration connected with universities, for the theoretical and practical training of such administrators. The administration of hospitals and medical centers should be developed as a career which will attract high-grade students.

– Committee on the Costs of Medical Care, October 1932