Admission and Program Requirements

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Apply to this program through a central application. Review the sections below before you begin.


To be considered for the program, a student must apply and be admitted into the Graduate College. The CHA requires a total of 12 hours of graduate credits (in addition to possible individual course prerequisites). The courses are the same as those offered to Master of Health Administration (MHA) students. The program does not require a comprehensive examination or a capstone research requirement.

Admission to the MHA program from CHA

Admission to and successful completion of the CHA does not guarantee admission to the MHA program. Students who are enrolled in or have completed the CHA must apply separately for admission to the MHA and comply with the MHA admission standards and the requirements of the Graduate College.

The CHA is designed for persons in management positions who need a limited number of selected courses in contemporary methods, skills, and models of management specific to the healthcare environment. On occasion, however, a person may pursue the CHA and then decide that it would be desirable to pursue the MHA degree. Credits earned in the Certificate program can later be applied to the MHA degree subject to application and acceptance into the program. All requirements for the MHA degree, including the credits earned in the Certificate program, must be completed within an eight-year period.

Requests for information

For information about the Graduate Programs in Health Administration, please contact: Dr. Michael Merrigan, MHA Program Coordinator, Department of Management, Missouri State University, 901 S. National Ave, Springfield, MO, 65897. Students may begin in the Fall or Spring semester.

Completion requirements

Students must have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 for completion of the certificate program.

Required courses for designated Track - 12 hours total

Leadership track:
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MGT 701 Health Services Organization 3 hrs
MGT 703 Health Law and Ethics 3 hrs
MGT 705 Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations 3 hrs
MGT 770 Leadership Development 3 hrs
Management track
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MGT 701 Health Services Organization 3 hrs
MGT 702 Managing Healthcare Organizations 3 hrs
MGT 704 Human Resources in Healthcare Organizations 3 hrs
ACC 688 Healthcare Accounting Concepts 3 hrs
Healthcare quality and population health track
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MGT 701 Health Services Organization 3 hrs
MGT 711 Measurement and Management of Quality in Health Care 3 hrs
PBH 720 Epidemiology 3 hrs
PBH 740 Health Behaviors 3 hrs