Careers and Outcomes

Careers and Outcomes

Securing your future in a growing industry

An estimated 100,000 people serve in health management positions. The opportunities in the industry are for capable, highly skilled individuals. More than 95 percent of Missouri State University's MHA alumni are employed in health care management positions.

Individuals will find employment in a variety of settings including hospitals, physician practices, ambulatory medical/surgical centers, rehabilitation facilities, home care, long-term care organizations, health consultancies, public health agencies, mental health centers, managed care organizations and in many other health-related fields.

Roles of health care executives within their organizations

  • Ensure that their organizations have strong and effective medical, operational and financial resources to serve the needs of patients, their families and their community
  • Care deeply about the quality of care patients receive, and partner with physicians, nurses and other professionals to deliver health care
  • Help educate community members about important health issues
  • Ensure that hospitals and other health care organizations serve as "safety nets" in their communities by providing emergency and ongoing care, as well as accurate and timely information about public threats in times of crisis

University Career Center

The University Career Center maintains an office in Glass Hall, Room 103 to serve students, alumni and employers. This convenient location allows COBA students and alumni with easy access to Career Center staff who assist with career counseling, internship and full-time job searches, and vocational and educational information. The Career Center staff work closely with employers seeking business students to facilitate both on- and off-campus interviews.

The health care industry is distinctive when compared to other industries. Our program will help to prepare you for an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career in a dynamic field.