Executive Degree Option

Why pursue the executive degree option?

  • Flexibility — Complete the program on a part-time basis while working full time, with limited on-campus attendance.
  • Convenient classes — You can take classes in the evening, weekends and online.
  • Expert teachers — Learn from subject matter experts and build experience working with health care pros.

Executive MHA option (EMHA)

The Executive MHA Option is only available on a contractual arrangement with a specific healthcare organization, who makes it available to a select group of students, typically a cohort, who are employed or affiliated with the healthcare organization and have significant professional experience. The MHA Program will be presented in a format referred to as the Executive MHA Option or the EMHA. From a curricular viewpoint, the EMHA is structured similarly and requires 36 graduate course credits, however, the sequencing presentation format and mix of core and elective courses will be designed in such a way as to maximize benefits to working professionals such as physicians, senior clinicians and healthcare executives.

GMAT/GRE scores are not required for admission to the EMHA, however, the applicant will need to provide documentation verifying at least 3 years of professional experience.

For EMHA students, prerequisite requirements for the core program courses will be satisfied through appropriate prior course work, relevant professional experience or by an individualized study program developed and supervised by the EMHA Program Director.

The credit hour costs for classes taken by students enrolled in the EMHA program are assessed at a higher rate than the traditional MHA offerings due to additional expenditures associated with the program.

Admission requirements

In addition to the contractual requirements above, each student will also need to meet the following admission requirements:

  1. Completion of a regionally accredited undergraduate degree.
  2. Completion of 3 or more years of professional experience.