Full-Time Status

Flexibility for health administration coursework

Our program offers maximum flexibility in pursuing your degree. You can make a full-time commitment to the program, or vary your course load each semester depending on your own unique situation.

The following is a listing showing you the typical availability of courses according to semester. Full-time students can finish in approximately two years, including summers. Most part-time students finish within three to four years. Consult with your advisor about how to tailor the program to fit your needs.

Fall and Spring Semester

MGT 701 Health Services Organization 3
PBH 720 Epidemiology 3


MGT 702 Managing Healthcare Organizations 3
MGT 703 Health Law and Ethics 3
MGT 704 Human Resources in Healthcare Organizations 3
MGT 711 Measurement and Management of Quality in Health Care 3
PBH 740 Health Behavior 3
PBH 783 International Health and Infectious Disease 3


ACC 688 Healthcare Accounting Concepts 3


MGT 704 Human Resources in Healthcare Organizations 3
FIN 788 Healthcare Financial Management 3
PLS 754 Seminar in Health Policy 3
MGT 770 Leadership Development 3
MGT 705 Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations 3

Fall, Spring and Summer

CIS 761 Management Information Systems 3

Fall and Summer

ECO 604 Health Care Economics 3