Part-Time Status

Flexibility for health administration coursework

Our program offers maximum flexibility in pursuing your degree. You can make a full-time commitment to the program, or vary your course load each term depending on your own unique situation.

The following is a listing showing you the typical availability of courses according to semester. Most full-time students finish in less than two years, including summers. Most part-time students finish within three to four years. Consult with your advisor about how to tailor the program to fit your needs.

Fall and Spring

MGT 701 Health Services Organization 3
PBH 720 Epidemiology 3


ACC 688 Healthcare Accounting Concepts 3


PLS 754 Seminar in Health Policy 3
FIN 788 Healthcare Financial Management 3
MGT 705 Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations 3
MGT 704 Human Resources in Healthcare Organizations 3
MGT 770 Leadership Development 3

Fall, Spring and Summer

CIS 761 Management Information Systems 3


MGT 711 Measurement and Management of Quality in Health Care 3
MGT 703 Health Law and Ethics 3
MGT 702 Managing Healthcare Organizations 3

Fall and Summer

ECO 604 Health Care Economics 3